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i so desperately don't want to have to ask to take the time off to go to french testing. i've been waiting to ask for my appointment off until my sickness is farther in the past, but now i have to ask this. BAH. it wouldn't be as bad if it was an actual interview, but this is 1 1/2 hours of french testing THEN i'd have to do an interview

Mar. 9th, 2010

weird.. i responded to that thing having no idea where it went when i did haha. apparently on my page!
well THAT was stressful haha
damn it, appointment date has to be pushed back now

Feb. 19th, 2010

this job is super sweet but i miss being intellectually stimulated haha
kevin smith was absolutely hilarious
i was sad they cut him off at only 3 hours though, but hey, that's still 3 hours! haha
the questions asked were mostly not that stellar, but his answers were still ridiculously funny, and his wife and friend malcom were there (who is frequently on smodcasts and is a hilarious bear from church and wellesley toronto), and then they were in the audience. watching jenn's reactions to some of the stuff kevin was saying was just classic
i wish it wasn't over
next year again though!
he's trying for the first week of february every year
(this was his 3rd in a row i think)
kevin smith tomorrow night!!! YAAAAY
i've been waiting for ages to get to go to a Q&A
they're legendary for their length and hilarity
he responded finally
all is good... though i don't really feel it...
good christmas!

nothing new year from the sounds of it