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apparently i already come up when people search 230 oak, so let me put this as a public advisory. they show a complete and utter disregard for animal life. my 5 month old kittens almost died because they soaked them in roach spray after "forgetting to tell me" that the cats shouldn't be there this time while they sprayed. i asked why then they did spray, and the person who did it smirked. the super then was extremely resistant to helping to find out what chemical they used, going so far as to lie about what the name was, despite the fact that we made it clear that every minute counted in keeping them alive.
these are inhumane, horrible people.
in addition, things only seem to get addressed when my mother phones them (i'm 24), showing clear ageism (i work for the human rights tribunal of ontario.. this is an entirely legitimate, and punishable, offence).
and the roaches keep coming back
or never really going
just, whatever you do, don't move into one of these buildings.
i suggest staying away from linwood property management as a whole.


Apr. 23rd, 2012 07:26 pm (UTC)
I lived on the top floor at 230 Oak Street in 2009/2010. The unit was being "fully renovated" for me and my friend to move in. We were able to view the showing apartment on the main floor and were happy with what we saw. However, after receiving the keys to our apartment nothing had been renovated. There were tiles falling off the walls in the kitchen (which was never fixed), there was no curtain rod installed in the washroom (which took 8 days before the work was started and took the man atleast 2 days to finish). The only thing they had done was paint the walls and put up new closet doors in the master bedroom. About two months after living there I spoke with a man down the hall who was leaving because of cockroaches. I started to look around more and realized my apartment was also infested. I let the landlord know that we had cockroaches and I even sent a picture I took with the notice. 4 Days went by and there had been no acknowledgement so I sent in my 60 day notice to end my Tenancy. Three days before I was moving they put a notice on my door and came in the next day to do the treatment.

Needless to say,
I moved out.

Just to note: The night before I moved out I went out with my boyfriend to the store and was asked to get into a suspicious mans
car. He was very persistant and identified himself as a cop. The man started to get out of the car. When I ran to the store to get help
the man in the store instructed me to leave and yelled at me. Police came after we called police from outside and we were subpoenad
to court months later.

Needless to say the entire location is just horrible.
Apr. 23rd, 2012 08:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks for posting this! I want to make sure as many people are aware of the problems as possible.

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